Best ISA Funds

If you are considering taking out a new ISA, we offer two options:

  • ISA Guide 2014. This includes a range of ideas (from income to growth, a cash alternative and higher risk options) plus a postal application.  If you are interested in this option please send us an email (HERE) with your postal address.
  • Online guidance. If you want to see our guidance available online START HERE.


FUND ALERTS - Regardless of whether you are and INCOME or GROWTH investor, once you purchase funds you will receive 6 monthly email reminders to review your funds.  However, investors should be aware of the differences between the INCOME and GROWTH objectives.  For more information on the differences, please see this link for GROWTH investors and this link for INCOME investors.

ISA Key Facts 2015/16

  • £15,240 - ISA allowance