Fee Authority and Terms

Key features disclosure

I confirm that I understand and accept the new charging structure and how it will affect my new and existing investments.  I understand that the next time I make a transaction, the new charging structure will apply to all the investments in the account into which I invest. Also, I confirm that I have read and saved or printed a copy of the FundsNetwork Key Features Document, noting the following points:

  • If you are currently on the old charging structure then the above generic FundsNetwork Key Features Document showing the new charging structure supersedes the personalised Key Features document shown immediately before you confirm your next transaction.
  • If you are a new client or on the new charging structure then the personalised Key Features document shown immediately before your confirm your next transaction will include the 0.50% Ongoing Fee payable to us and you understand the effect this fee will have on your investments.

Fee authority and terms

  • I confirm that I have agreed to pay Dennehy & Weller & Co an Ongoing Fee of 0.50% per year on the value of all the investments in the account I am investing into and accept the Dennehy & Weller & Co terms.  For the purpose of paying these fees, I authorise and instruct FundsNetwork to sell units/shares from my largest fund holding or deduct monies from a CashManager Account in accordance with the FundsNetwork Client Terms.
  • I understand that FundsNetwork will receive the money from such sale, deduction or redemption as agent for Dennehy & Weller & Co, and that such money will become irrevocably due and payable to Dennehy & Weller & Co on receipt by FundsNetwork, to satisfy the Fees.
  • I understand that my liability to Dennehy & Weller & Co in relation to the fee will be discharged on receipt of the fee money by FundsNetwork as Dennehy & Weller & Co's agent.
  • Where the units/shares are to be purchased in the name of more than one person, I confirm that I have sought and obtained the consent of all persons to the above statement.