There are many benefits to managing your portfolio of investments through FundExpert.  In addition to all the research and analysis that we provide we are also very competitive when it comes to charges on unit trusts and open ended investment collectives (UTs & OEICs). 
Specifically, when you buy through FundExpert you will benefit from:
  • No initial charges on any funds.
  • No switching charges.
  • No hidden rebates to us by fund managers.

Please note that some Investment Trusts are shown on the site and there may be additional charges associated with these types of investment, as Investment Trusts trade as quoted equities.  For more information on Investment Trusts see Charges under our FAQs.

You can check charges on any fund available through FundExpert using our Charges Checker

Regardless of whether you are an Income or Growth investor, if you purchase through FundExpert you will also receive a 6 monthly review reminder based on your initial registration date.  

You can change this by going to My Account and then selecting Email Preferences.

If you are an Income investor find out more about income investing or try out our Income Tool

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