How To Discover The Best Funds

You already know that investing in funds is a great idea.

That is why for many people investment funds play a significant role in their investment and savings.

Excitingly, there is extraordinary potential through investing in funds, as we highlight week after week.

Unfortunately, the problem is that 92% of all investment funds are mediocre at best (1)

This is even worse than it appears because investors buy and sell at just about the worst possible time. (2)

Now imagine the solution. Imagine that you can consistently identify the 8% of funds with the greatest potential.

And have the means to identify the best possible times to buy and sell?

This is what FundExpert does, and much more besides.




"More than 30 years of experience is important. But it is the in-depth research over decades which is key to the value which I and my colleagues have created for clients over many years.

Our experience has not only given us invaluable knowledge, but an ambition and drive to help our fantastic clients.

It is our commitment to outstanding research which has driven the national press to seek out our views week after week, for many years past.

We believe with our research, the opportunities are endless."

Brian Dennehy, Managing Director




With our 'Gold Membership' you can carry on investing through your current platform or advisers. We will simply provide you with the tools, research and Smart Technology to ensure you make much better investing decisions.

It will make your investing a lot less stressful and a lot less time-consuming.

You might like to build your own portfolio, in which case we provide you with a straightforward, yet remarkable process for uncovering funds with outstanding potential.

Or you might like a bit more guidance, in which case there are a selection of very powerful portfolios, which we regularly review and update with great clarity.


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How To Transform Your Investing Potential

I and our research team spent many years researching what works, and what doesn't.

Our research is built on detailed input from practitioners and academics from around the globe, stretching back decades.

One of our earliest pieces of research focused on UK growth funds, by far the most popular funds.

It covered the 20 years from 1994 to 2014, and here's what we uncovered. (For the avoidance of doubt this is all after charges.)

If you invested £100,000 in 1994 into the average UK growth fund, it  became £370,668.  - which doesn't sound terrible.  

Alternatively, what if you had a simple, proven, process for selecting funds, and applied it consistently?

Then your £100,000 grew to £1,179,114.

£808,446. Extra

And our in-depth research stretching back to the early 1990's informs us that there is a 92% probability of you consistently achieving these extraordinary growth levels by applying this process.

The "process" is our powerful Dynamic Fund Ratings

This doesn't just apply to UK funds. These ratings are available for all fund sectors, as is the underlying long term research.


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What others say about Gold Membership

Direct, straightforward approach and...tremendous independent research on funds, which was crucial in using your services.J Abraham

Your research always casts much needed light on a complex area for decision making.S Lockerbie

The most important feature for me was your reputation. It is not easy to get people to trust you these days.P Rosevear

Love the teleconferences, good balance of pace, the stop loss tables, the Overnight Test, I feel I am learning something finally.S.B

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Note 1: Vintage fund report 2014. 92% of unit trusts/OEICS failed to be in the top 40% of performance in their sector for at least 60% of the time. We do not believe that this is a demanding benchmark, but only 8% of funds met it.

Note 2: Dalbar Report 2014. This report analyses actual investor performance. For example, over the past 20 years, "equity fund" investors in the US achieved an average 2.02% annualised return, which is 4.2% less than the 9.22% that he/she could have achieved by simply investing funds in an S&P500 index-tracking fund. The problem was investors jumping into and out of the market at the worst times.

Capital Risk: The value of funds and the income from them can fall as well as rise as a result of market or currency fluctuations, and you may not get back the amount originally invested.  Past performance is not a guide to future performance.  Please ensure that you read the Key Features and full product literature (on the pages after the applications) before choosing to make an investment. In particular, some funds might have special risks (such as the ability to defer withdrawals) and you should make yourself aware of these. All funds have the right to suspend dealings in extreme circumstances. 

This is not personalised advice: Information shown here and on the wider website should not be taken as personalised advice or a recommendation to make an investment decision.  No liability is assumed for any use, or misuse, of the information presented on this website, whether by FundExpert or Dennehy Weller & Co.