How Our Performance Guarantee Works

FundExpert has two fund rating systems (Dynamic Fund Selection & Vintage) which our research has shown add value.

No one else can demonstrate how their fund selection process can boost investment returns.

 In fact we are so confident that our Dynamic Fund Selection will boost your investment returns that we will give back all of our fees if they do not yield above sector average returns for you after 5 years

The details

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the 5 Year Performance Guarantee you must transfer a minimum of £50,000 of funds* to FundExpert and then use our Dynamic Fund Selection to optimise your portfolio.

Under the terms of the 5 year performance guarantee we can only consider cases where:

When using our Dynamic Fund Ratings

  • The initial fund switches were completed within 30 days of transferring funds to FundExpert
  • All switches were made between funds within the same sector
  • Where the destination funds were those funds identified under our Dynamic Funds Selection process, and marked as ‘Best funds’ by our ‘Best funds by sector’ tool.
  • Then upon receipt of the six month fund review email further fund switches were implemented within 30 days of receipt, into funds within the same sector(s) marked as ‘‘Best fund’ by our ‘Best funds by sector’ tool.
  • All switches must be made using our fund switch tool

Only holdings (units) within your portfolio which meet all of the above criteria and have been held for a period of 5 years will be eligible for the 5 year performance guarantee.

How to claim your money back guarantee

For the capital sum represented by each initial fund holding (& subsequent switches) within a specific sector (and which meets the above eligibility criteria) that has underperformed its Investment Association fund sector average for 5 years from the date of the initial purchase, we will refund all of the fee FundExpert has received in relation to that fund holding.

How to make a claim

To make a claim send an email to with your personal details along with the following:

  • details of the initial fund holdings
  • switch references for the switches requested using the switch tool on FundExpert
  • final valuation showing the holding as of the 5th year anniversary

...within 30 calendar days of the 5th anniversary of your original fund purchase.

Unfortunately, claims made after this date will not be accepted.

* this refers to unit trusts/OEICS. It does not apply to investment trusts, ETFs, or individual shareholdings.

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