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  • Proven Woodford alternatives for Growth and Income | Fri 18 Oct 2019

    Topic: Fund analysis

    When news of Woodford’s departure from Invesco Perpetual reached us back in 2013, we wasted no time in highlighting some great alternatives to his funds. When he went on to expand his new stable to include the Woodford Patient Capital Trust in 2015, we again were quick to point out proven alternatives. Here we review those selections. How did our process stack up against the “cult of the fund manager”? [read more]

  • Woodford fund closure: Lessons must be learned | Fri 18 Oct 2019

    Topic: Fund analysis

    The closure of Woodford Investment Management is sad for many reasons, not least that around 30 employees are now out of a job. But we can’t argue with the fact that the closure of the Woodford Equity Income fund is in the best interests of the investors, and such decisions have to be made unemotionally and objectively. [read more]

  • India Part 3: The most reliable buy indicator, ever? | Fri 04 Oct 2019

    Topic: Fund analysis

    Typically we use momentum to identify funds to buy. We can also use a lack of momentum to identify buying opportunities for a market after sharp falls – it is called negative divergence, and I will explore examples here in the context of this week’s India analysis – though the principles apply in all markets, and I expect these to provide a very important global signal in the period ahead. [read more]

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