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  • Pig out on China? | Fri 08 Feb 2019

    Topic: Fund analysis

    For the last 40 years the West has been mostly negative on prospects for China – and been proved wrong. That is my long-held view, and was also the view expressed by one Anglo-Saxon fund manager. As the Year Of The Pig dawns, might the negativity be right this time? [read more]

  • Should you buy Value funds in 2019? | Fri 04 Jan 2019

    Topic: Fund analysis

    Since 2016 we have been excited about the potential in Value funds but the results have been mixed as Growth has dominated. There are once again some more positive signals coming from Value funds as we head into 2019. Should you take a look? And if you are interested, what should you consider? Here we look at what Value is, why it’s exciting and what investors should do. [read more]

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