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  • What's going on in Russia? | Fri 15 Nov 2019

    Topic: Market commentary

    The Russian Stock Market is the Best Performer in the World in 2019, according to the Moscow Times this week.

    Since the turn of the year, investors in Russia’s stock market would have profited over 40%. Over the past month the Russian Trading System Index (RTSI) is up 12.6%, and over 3 months is up almost 16%. Their recent renaissance has gone relatively under the radar in the West.

    Perhaps we are too distracted by the parochial issues besetting Western democracies (of which there are many!). Or perhaps there is a hint of selective reporting… I’m fairly confident if you put a minus in front of the figures above there’s a far greater chance of you seeing it in the Western press. [read more]

  • Year End Rally? Fact or Fiction? | Fri 08 Nov 2019

    Topic: Market commentary

    Although the general election will pre-occupy most, no doubt one fund manager or another will encourage investors to buy a year-end rally while you can. (We’ve already seen this from a few different sources!) Fact or fiction? Let’s explore that.

    While the general election will be a big factor for UK investors in the next few months, the “Santa rally” is already being debated in the states. [read more]

  • Miss Liberty, Made In China | Fri 08 Nov 2019

    Topic: Market commentary

    This is a story about ambition, paranoia, and how the investment world will dramatically change if the United States continues on its current path. Trump wants re-election this time next year, and he gets that the stock market is a barometer of his re-election likelihood. Beyond bullying the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates (already achieved, with success), what else can he do to provide the vroom sufficient to fuel confidence in the stock market, or, if that fails, confidence in him? [read more]

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