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  • Following the Herd? Groupthink | Fri 08 Nov 2019

    Topic: Investment research

    Following the investing herd? Your inability to think independently can be dangerous to your wealth. Not surprisingly, you’re not alone. In this blog, we highlight some great examples of this problem and look at the solutions proposed by one of the best independent thinkers of our generation: James Montier.
    [read more]

  • MACD and charting tools | Fri 25 Oct 2019

    Topic: Investment research

    There has been a discussion on the Facebook group about MACD and the best way to find tools to track it. We recently posted the below on the Facebook group. We try and replicate discussions on the Facebook group in the blog, so that you don’t miss out if you’re not on it. [read more]

  • Which investment trusts offer regular savings plans? | Tue 24 Sep 2019

    Topic: Investment research

    We had a great question on our September teleconference for Gold Members: “Is there any method to regularly drip feed smaller amounts into IT's without incurring 'punitive' dealing costs which can render such investing uneconomic at best?”

    Here we answer that question and provide a list of investment trusts that provide savings schemes. [read more]

  • Which investment trusts have momentum? | Tue 24 Sep 2019

    Topic: Investment research

    In our recent teleconference for Gold Members, Gordon asked: “can you advise which ITs (investment trusts) are currently the best momentum performers to invest in?”

    In this blog we’ll answer that question and look at how the best investment trust companies (ITCs) with momentum compare to the best unit trusts and OEICs (UT/OEICs) for momentum that feature on FundExpert. [read more]

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