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  • Asia Research (2021 Update) | Fri 30 Apr 2021

    Topic: Portfolio building

    We’ve said many times that this is the “Asian Century”. We’re two decades in and so far it has been rather good for Asia. Looking forward over the long term we envisage continued progress; the rise of Asian middle classes is still at an early stage, populations in several countries are relatively young and debt levels are mostly relatively low. [read more]

  • Brian Portfolio – Updated Update | Fri 23 Apr 2021

    Topic: Portfolio building

    In the teleconference, I reviewed them and said I would now switch to a momentum basis, and use the Dynamic UK Blended Portfolio. As we are mid-month, just before the teleconference I simply performed the calculations as if I was doing the turn of the month numbers, to generate star ratings, and these were my selections. [read more]

  • Dynamic Commodities Portfolio (Part 2) | Fri 16 Apr 2021

    Topic: Portfolio building

    Commodity funds are getting a lot of attention at the moment, and their resurgence could last for years. This is the second of a two-part series in which we apply momentum to a universe of energy and commodity funds. In part 1 we focused solely on unit trusts, and here in part 2 we look at the impact of adding investment trusts. [read more]

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