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  • High Yield Bonds: Little Sense | Fri 12 Jan 2018

    Topic: Bond Watch

    This blog is an extract from the upcoming TopFund Guide. It is obviously significant for high yield bond fund holders. Those in strategic bond funds should also be wary, as a large proportion of high yield bonds reside in such funds. Plus it is important to understand how a collapse in this sector would threaten global markets of all kinds.

    If nothing else I hope it encourages you to have a clear stop-loss strategy, if you haven’t already. [read more]

  • Rumbles In The Bond Market | Fri 22 May 2015

    Topic: Bond Watch

    If you hold bonds and you want to sell them you may not be able to do so. We are producing a juicy bit of research, which will be released shortly. Here we have a little taster of what’s to come based on the recent bond market wobbles. [read more]

  • Bond Funds - Winners and Losers | Thu 07 Aug 2014

    Topic: Bond Watch

    Bond funds are a BIG story in 2014. Taking a long view (years) you should be selling. Taking a shorter view (months) it is not as clear. Here we review the best and worst in 2014, and, while it is evident that performance YTD has been impressive the last month’s performance shows a weakening in returns. [read more]

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