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  • Guest blog: The 2020 geopolitical risks that matter for emerging markets | Fri 10 Jan 2020

    Topic: Market commentary

    While we’re looking at global emerging markets as part of our Trade of the Decade, here’s a wide ranging look at the risks from the M&G team.

    Last year was very eventful in emerging markets with its share of US tariffs/sanctions, regime changes in many countries, mass protests across the board and Carlos Ghosn escaping Japan to soon-to-default Lebanon on the very last day of the year! 2020 promises many geopolitical risks. We have compiled some of the key risks below for developing economies, including “the biggest crisis no one is talking about”. Brexit has been intentionally omitted. [read more]

  • The Bonkers Portfolio | Fri 10 Jan 2020

    Topic: Portfolio building

    To kick off a new decade – the Turbulent Twenties – we start with an update on our massively successful, but volatile, Bonkers Portfolio. Even if it's not to your taste, there are two essential lessons for all investors, in funds or otherwise. [read more]

  • Trade Of The Decade 1 - UK Smaller Companies | Fri 03 Jan 2020

    Topic: Fund analysis

    This one comes into the category of “the bleeding obvious”. Why? What are the risks? Which fund is best? This is very much a low maintenance strategy.

    The recent UK election result certainly triggered improved confidence in the outlook for the domestic economy. The commitment to increased government spending is obviously very helpful, and we should expect this spending to be broadly based (reflecting new Tory voters, and their expectations), again helping confidence. [read more]

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