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  • The Great Rotation - What is it? What are the opportunities? | Mon 21 Jan 2013

    Topic: Fund analysis

    "The Great Rotation" was being talked about and anticipated for years – and for years those who recommended dumping bonds for equities have been wrong. But right now there is an argument that it has begun. Basically it is all about the 30 year bond bull market ending and investors being “forced” to switch into equities by dangerously low bond yields. Why we mention it now is because last week saw the 2nd biggest week of inflows into equities since 1992 - something is stirring. Here we look at the evidence of the last week, the risks and the opportunities. [read more]

  • "Should I buy Japan?" | Fri 18 Jan 2013

    Topic: Fund analysis

    The current noise coming out of most investment banks can be summed up as ‘buy the Japan stock market, short the Yen’. Here we explain what this means, and how UK investors can exploit this opportunity. [read more]

  • Outlook for inflation 2013 | Fri 18 Jan 2013

    Topic: Fund analysis

    There is a huge amount written about inflation, and we will undoubtedly be returning to this issue. For now we will focus on the factors that might trigger an inflation shock in the short term for UK investors, in particular because it could hit those heavy in bond funds. [read more]

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