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  • Global Income Payouts 2012 | Tue 12 Feb 2013

    Topic: Generating income

    Our review of global equity income funds in 2012 concludes that the outcome for income investors was mostly disappointing. This contrasts with our separate analysis of the UK sector. Nonetheless, the opportunities outside the UK for fund managers and investors remain vast. Going forward the results for income investors will vary hugely, and vigilance is vital. [read more]

  • Rigged markets – “QE Turbo” next? | Mon 11 Feb 2013

    Topic: Market commentary

    Everyone has heard about QE or quantitative easing. For simplicity think of this as printing money, to create a “wealth effect”. With limited evidence that QE is triggering a recovery, central banks could take it to the next level – targeting the stock market more directly. Here we consider how this action could manifest itself and what investors can expect. [read more]

  • Guest Blog - The ABC's of China's share markets, by Mark Mobius | Tue 05 Feb 2013

    Topic: Fund analysis

    A shares, B shares, H shares. Chinese equity listings can be confusing to global investors. I’m often asked what I think about a particular share market in China, why one is outperforming others, and which to invest in. I can’t tell you what to invest in, but I can give you some information which I hope will help you discern what choices make sense for you. [read more]

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