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  • Best growth funds for your ISA | Fri 08 Mar 2013

    Topic: Fund analysis

    The list of growth funds list below are selected using our unique form of momentum investing we call "Dynamic Fund Selection". At it's most basic momentum investing means buying an investment (in this case a fund) which is already performing well on the likelihood that it will continue performing well. [read more]

  • What's Hot? ISA EDITION | Thu 07 Mar 2013

    Topic: Sector analysis

    With the ISA deadline are you considering which funds to invest into? You need to know which funds are performing well and which aren’t, and we apply our Dynamic Fund Selection to this end, see table 3 below. You will also want to know which are the best and worst sectors, see tables 1 and 2. [read more]

  • Jupiter: "India’s giveaway budget postpones the pain" | Thu 07 Mar 2013

    Topic: Fund analysis

    The Indian stock market is a huge long term favourite of ours, with a very young population, and being probably a decade behind China in its development. But there is much to be done by the government to ensure this potential is fulfilled, and the recent budget was a little disappointing. Here we consider feedback from an expert, Avinash Vazirani, manager of the Jupiter India [read more]

  • Funds with exposure to Aviva | Thu 07 Mar 2013

    Topic: Fund analysis

    Aviva, the second highest-yielding stock in the FTSE 100, have cut its final dividend payout by 44%, making it the lowest level of dividend per share they have ever paid. This is bad news for a number of income funds. Those with significant weightings in Aviva will take a hit on their expected payouts. Below we’ve identified those most at risk.
    [read more]

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