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  • Where are markets heading? | Thu 31 Oct 2019

    Topic: Market commentary

    This note runs a bit longer than our normal blog format but it is worth grabbing a cuppa and having a read through in a quiet moment. It puts a lot of our thoughts in a wider context, which is helpful to stop getting stuck in the nitty-gritty.

    This is the note that we normally send to our advised Dennehy Weller & Co. clients. You’ll recognise that it covers a lot of the same ground but the format is slightly different to what you’re used to seeing.

    Kettle boiled? Grab a seat and read on… [read more]

  • MACD and charting tools | Fri 25 Oct 2019

    Topic: Investment research

    There has been a discussion on the Facebook group about MACD and the best way to find tools to track it. We recently posted the below on the Facebook group. We try and replicate discussions on the Facebook group in the blog, so that you don’t miss out if you’re not on it. [read more]

  • Starting XV of investment funds | Thu 24 Oct 2019

    Topic: Portfolio building

    How is a rugby squad like a portfolio...? Here we fill the positions with a selection of funds using our Vintage and Dynamic research and ratings, plus a sprinkling of Hidden Value to satisfy the Inner Punter. This may be a bit of fund but it's a serious way to get you to think about how you build your portfolio. [read more]

  • Scary funds? Only if you don't have a plan | Thu 24 Oct 2019

    Topic: Market commentary

    There have been plenty of frightful times for investors in recent years but the panic only sets in if you are investing without a clear rationale, a clear plan. Here we look at the scariest funds of 2019 and how you can avoid getting stuck in funds like these in the future.

    What humans find scary is the unknown. So, it is unfortunate that investing is all to do with the unknown! No one knows which way the markets will go with a useful degree of both certainty and consistency. Anyone who says they do is setting themselves up for a fall.
    [read more]

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