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  • Investments to avoid | Wed 21 Mar 2012

    Topic: Investment research

    There are a host of financial products available which pose a risk to consumers. We look at range of products from, absolute return funds, structured products to packaged accounts and tell you which ones to avoid. [read more]

  • How Fund Expert ratings work | Tue 20 Mar 2012

    Topic: Generating growth

    Our rating system isn’t just about the extra performance, but how likely you are to achieve extra performance. Based on our research on the largest sector, UK All Company sector , our system achieved an extra 22.54% growth compared to a tracker fund , over an 11 year period back to 2010, and an extra 27.08% compared to an average fund within the sector. [read more]

  • The funds providing a growing income stream | Tue 20 Mar 2012

    Topic: Generating income

    2011 saw a marked bounce in the total dividends distributed to UK company shareholders, up 12.8%, but this was not universally reflected in the payouts of equity income funds. For investors looking for growing income we higlight the 'sinnners' who cut payouts and the 'saints' who have continued to grow theirs.
    [read more]

  • Impact of LTRO on corporate bonds | Wed 14 Mar 2012

    Topic: Bond Watch

    The game has changed for corporate bond funds following the flood of liquidity from central banks. How has this affected these funds and where should bond investors be placing their money now? We highlight continuing risks as well as opportunities. [read more]

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