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  • Bottom? Not in sight. Not close. | Fri 13 Mar 2020

    Topic: Market commentary

    A point will come when a number of indicators are flashing green, telling us to buy. I will go through these in the Teleconference on Tuesday. In the meantime, you must be clear that we do not appear to be anywhere near a meaningful bottom – on the contrary. For those of you tempted to dip a toe in now, I am now going to unashamedly try and dampen your enthusiasm. [read more]

  • Your 10 Steps To Survive Market Meltdowns | Fri 13 Mar 2020

    Topic: Portfolio building

    We talk a lot about ensuring you have a resilient investment plan that’s suitable for you. If you’ve been putting off writing that plan you might now be a bit shaken by recent market moves. But it is not too late to act.

    Here are our 10 vital steps to guide you through unfolding events. If you already have your plan in place (well done!) then this is a good opportunity to make sure it’s water-tight (or as water-tight as possible). [read more]

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