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  • Trade of the Decade Review | Fri 29 Nov 2019

    Topic: Generating growth

    Back in 2010 we highlighted two areas that we thought offered compelling value for investors over the next 10 years: our two Trades of the Decade. Here we review those ideas and our selections to see how they performed over the decade. [read more]

  • Superstar investors – fact and factors and the next decade | Fri 29 Nov 2019

    Topic: Market commentary

    Everyone wants to know the magic formula to make a big stash of money, quickly. It is why “The secrets of Soros” and “How to invest like Buffett” are regular headline fodder. In a more serious, but similar, vein investment firm AQR also crunched the numbers through the prism of “factors”. Here I look at what is meant by “factors” and what can be learnt, of practical value to your success, from the AQR research.

    You can’t do better than buying an index tracker (a passive fund). That was the conclusion of the efficient market theory and capital asset pricing model (CAPM) fifty-plus years ago, and it has dominated the thinking of a large part of the investment industry ever since.
    [read more]

  • I culled the FT subscription - Curiosity Killed Your Investment | Fri 22 Nov 2019

    Topic: Market commentary

    I recently cancelled my subscription with the FT. You might think that should be essential reading for someone doing my job. Perhaps not. This isn’t about whether the FT is a good read – no rant on that count. It is about having an effective investment strategy, less stress, and more time.

    The desire to read is a key element of our curiosity gene. As Albert Einstein said:

    “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”

    I am very fortunate that as part of my job I get to read loads every week, and more often than not written by some remarkable people. (As an aside, much is paid-for research, but I will share what I can from time to time). But it can also be a curse.

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