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  • My Worst Case Analysis | Fri 23 Oct 2020

    Topic: Fund analysis

    Far too many in the investment industry engage in pointless prediction of a highly complex world which, to any useful degree, is beyond prediction. With that thought burning in my ears, I will suggest one imminent possibility for the US stock market, because its implication is painful for UK and world markets. This is my worst case. [read more]

  • My Portfolio: Brian on the Couch | Fri 23 Oct 2020

    Topic: Fund analysis

    I have tip-toed through 2020 with my own investments. As well as many distractions, to knock me off balance, there are also a range of opportunities beyond my personal choices, to suck me in. As requested, this is me back on the couch, and how I feel about my personal investing right now. [read more]

  • NEW – The FundExpert Value Sector | Fri 16 Oct 2020

    Topic: Sector analysis

    If “Value investing” is the next big thing, for years to come, one persistent problem is the lack of visibility around what is and isn’t a Value fund, and the lack of a single Value fund sector. To help solve that problem we have created our own Value sector, pulling in funds from all around the globe. We also identify which Value funds have shown signs of life since the March stock market lows, and consider if you should buy these now. [read more]

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