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What’s Hot? What’s Not? Gold, gold, gold (and Woodford)

Posted by: Sam Lees
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Gold is glittering this month. Absolute return is absolutely horrible and Woodford’s funds continue their slide.
What’s Hot?
  • Gold and natural resources funds make up 8 of the top ten, if we include Russia as a commodity-dependent country.
  • Two European funds round out the top ten.
  • Gold is the most interesting for us. Back here we said that the time to buy gold is when it is out of favour. Now gold is hitting highs and we’re seeing headlines talking about how to buy the “ultimate safe haven” investment.
  • We talk a lot about the behaviour of investors and there’s a good reason for that: investors do the same things again and again!
What’s Not?
  • Two Woodford and three Absolute Return funds are in the doghouse.
  • Indian funds take two spots in the bottom table. We think the long-term potential of India is huge so periods of weakness are a good opportunity to add to long-term holdings, if you’re comfortable with the risks.
  • UK Smaller Companies also feature in the bottom table. As with India, there’s evidence that smaller companies will outperform over the long term. Although, the UK has its own specific problems, don’t fall into the trap of thinking Brexit is the be-all and end-all.



What's Hot
Last Month Performance
LF Ruffer Gold
BlackRock Gold & General
Investec Global Gold
Smith & Williamson Global Gold & Resources
BlackRock Natural Resources Growth & Income
Investec Enhanced Natural Resources
JPM Natural Resources
Baillie Gifford European
 Europe Excluding UK
Neptune Russia & Greater Russia
BlackRock Continental European
 Europe Excluding UK


What's Not
Last Month Performance
LF Woodford Income Focus
 UK Equity Income
Omnis Income & Growth
 UK Equity Income
LF Woodford Equity Income
 UK All Companies
LF Odey Absolute Return
 Targeted Absolute Return
Jupiter India
Neptune India
Aberforth UK Small Companies
 UK Smaller Companies
Thesis TM Sanditon European Select
 Targeted Absolute Return
VT Garraway Absolute Equity
 Targeted Absolute Return
Artemis UK Smaller Companies
 UK Smaller Companies
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