Ratings: Dynamic vs. Vintage was designed with one purpose in mind – to improve your investment returns. 
We do this by helping you identify outstanding funds. So we have created two unique fund rating systems designed to cater for two different types of investors. 

Dynamic Fund Ratings
This is suitable for you if… you are a proactive investor who likes to regularly review and adjust your investments
Within you will see that each fund as a rating of 1-5 stars. This is our Dynamic Fund Rating, which rates funds based on their momentum - how they are performing right now. The funds with the most momentum are awarded a 5 star rating. 
You buy 5 star funds on the likelihood that they will continue to perform well over the short term. You review and refresh your portfolio regularly (every 6 months minimum) to ensure you are consistently holding the top performing funds. 
Vintage Fund Ratings

This is suitable for you if… you prefer to buy and hold investments for longer periods
Not everybody likes to take such an active approach to investing as outlined above. Some people prefer to buy a fund and hold it for a longer period without having to worry about continually checking up on it. With this in mind we created our Vintage Ratings. 
These identify the funds that consistently outperform their peers over the long term. The selection of funds that manage to achieve this is small! Over 90% of funds aren't good enough to qualify as Vintage funds.
The top Vintage funds are highlighted in our Vintage Funds Report.  You can download a copy of the 2014 report for free HERE
We are working to incorporate the Vintage Fund Ratings into our website.  Keep an eye out for future updates...
Why Should You Trust Ratings Above The Rest? 
  • Too many fund rating systems are based on bias and incentives from fund managers.
  • In contrast, our fund ratings are completely independent.
  • We provide years of robust evidence as to how (and why) they work.
  • We make this research freely available to you online (see below).

Last but not least we have a single focus… 

  • Boosting your investment returns.
The Evidence


  • Dynamic and Vintage Ratings are for growth, NOT income
  • If you are investing for income try our free Income Tool
  • Use it to identify the best funds for YOUR income needs


Dynamic Fund Ratings

  • The best performing funds right NOW
  • Give your portfolio some momentum