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This is a sector by sector league table based on 6-month performance to the last month end.  This can be used for investors’ own research and is also useful for ranking sectors as part of the Global Dynamic Portfolio (more detail available on the Dynamic Portfolio Library page).

Please note that this information is updated once a month at the beginning of each month on a best endeavours basis.  The universe used is the Unit Trusts & OEICs universe (UTs & OEICs).  The sector averages shown are the full sector with no filters applied.

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Table below last updated: January

Sector League Table

Sector 6-month perf. %
Japanese Smaller Companies  18.19
China/Greater China  15.40
Japan  10.04
Global Emerging Markets  8.69
UK Smaller Companies  8.23
Asia Pacific Excluding Japan  6.95
Technology & Telecommunications  6.89
European Smaller Companies  6.37
North America  6.10
Global  5.49
North American Smaller Companies  4.19
UK All Companies  4.13
Flexible Investment  3.92
Global Equity Income  3.91
Europe Excluding UK  3.78
Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares  3.76
Specialist  3.62
UK Equity Income  2.77
Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares  2.31
Sterling High Yield  1.84
Property  1.76
UK Index Linked Gilts  1.76
Targeted Absolute Return  1.48
Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares  1.07
Sterling Strategic Bond  1.03
Sterling Corporate Bond  0.90
UK Gilts  -0.55
Global Bonds  -1.03
Global Emerging Markets Bond  -1.90

Sectors included and excluded (click to expand/collapse)

13/12/17: The sectors shown in the table are the sectors most commonly used by Gold Members.  Below, we list the sectors that we include and those that are not included:


Included Excluded
Asia Pacific Excluding Japan  Asia Pacific Including Japan 
China/Greater China  Europe Including UK 
Europe Excluding UK  Money Market 
European Smaller Companies  Not Yet Assigned 
Flexible Investment  Personal Pensions 
Global  Protected 
Global Bonds  Short Term Money Market 
Global Emerging Markets  UK Equity & Bond Income 
Global Emerging Markets Bond  Unauthorised 
Global Equity Income  Unclassified 
Japan  Volatility Managed 
Japanese Smaller Companies   
Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares   
Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares   
Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares   
North America   
North American Smaller Companies   
Sterling Corporate Bond   
Sterling High Yield   
Sterling Strategic Bond   
Targeted Absolute Return   
Technology & Telecommunications   
UK All Companies   
UK Equity Income   
UK Gilts   
UK Index Linked Gilts   
UK Smaller Companies   



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