The Problem We Solve

Our focus is to considerably improve the investing success of investors just like you. 

It sounds simple enough. But it isn’t, because there is a huge problem…

97% of funds aren’t good enough.

People buying funds have been poorly served, and this has been the case for decades. 

The rewards are huge for investors like you if you can get this right, as you will see. That’s where FundExpert can help.

How We Got Here

Since 1987 our sister company Dennehy Wealth has been providing private clients with financial advice, with an emphasis on investment research and analysis, giving us considerable experience and knowledge.

Increasingly we realised how poorly served the majority of investors are in the UK.

That’s when we launched FundExpert. To give you the solution to the problem of investment mediocrity.

Whether these people were DIY investors or poorly managed clients, paying a hefty fee to their adviser, the result was the same – consistently poor performance from their investments.

The Massive Difference For You

Focusing on the ever popular (UT) UK All Companies sector and assuming an initial £100,000 investment, here is what you could have gained from July 1994 to November 2021, versus the sector average:

  • Your Portfolio                    £2,274,000

  • Sector Average                 £681,000

That’s an extra £1,593,000. Simply by making better fund choices through our Dynamic Fund Ratings.

If there’s any aspect of our service you are still unsure on, please head to our FAQs page where more information is available. Alternatively if you have any further questions please email through to and we will be happy to help.