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“I hope Hargreaves uses this as a catalyst to change the culture to focus on the clients rather than its relationships with asset managers.”
"Dozens of income funds yield more than 4 per cent. The trick is to work out which offer the best prospects for that yield to grow."
Brian: "My sense is that the people who say Woodford is well placed [for Brexit] are those who have been told that by Neil and his team."
Brian joins Martin Bamford to talk about his new book - "Clueless"

Catch-up on the November Teleconference

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What our Gold Members say

Direct, straightforward approach and...tremendous independent research on funds, which was crucial in using your services.J. Abraham

The most important feature for me was your reputation. It is not easy to get people to trust you these days.P. Rosevear

Love the teleconferences, good balance of pace, the stop loss tables, the Overnight Test, I feel I am learning something finally.S. B.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the teleconferences and secondly how much I appreciated my Smart MOT. P. Delaney