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FundExpert is an online investment research initiative, aimed at DIY investors looking to transform their investing success.

Our objective research stretches all the way back to 1987, and ever since we have been providing private investors with the tools and analysis they need to make vastly better investing decisions.

Our original research is centered around Unit Trusts, but we have recently developed and expanded our research to include Investment Trusts into our analysis as well.

Our Investment Research - It Works

Dynamic UK Blended Portfolio

The above graph illustrates just how genuinely transformative our research can be in helping you reach your goals. We have 11 Dynamic Portfolio's in total, ranging from Asia and Emerging Market portfolio's to our Cautious portfolio and many more in between - there really is an option for all types of investors.

If you'd like to access all of our tools and research, then simply create an account for free to become a FundExpert Member.

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Our unique FundScore Report instantly rates your funds and Investment Trusts, providing each holding with a Dynamic Rating between 1 and 5 stars. It will help give you an introduction into how we rate each fund, and why these ratings are so powerful.

To get your FundScore Report, completely free of charge, just head to our dedicated FundScore webpage.

If there's any aspect of our service you are still unsure on, please head to our FAQ's page where more information is available. Alternatively if you have any further questions please email through to support@fundexpert.co.uk and we will be happy to help.