FundScore vs Smart MOT


One of the many benefits of being a member of FundExpert is the instant analysis of your current holdings. We provide this analysis in various tools throughout the site, but we also offer two downloadable reports.

The first is our FundScore report. Available to anyone, whether a member of FundExpert or not. The purpose of our FundScore report is to provide an instant rating for investors’ funds, as well as a great way to introduce our extraordinary Dynamic Fund Ratings system.

Our second report we offer, exclusively to Gold Members, is our Smart MOT. Much like with the FundScore report we offer a rating to your current holdings, but we also delve into far greater detail. We discuss your attitude to risk, and whether your funds tally with your risk appetite. We also provide personalised feedback on your portfolio, as well as providing you with a Portfolio Score. Examples of our Portfolio Score bandings are below.

Score Card
BAND A (526-700) - A very good score.  
BAND B (351-525) - Moving in the right direction.
BAND C (176-350) - Quite a lot of room for improvement.  
BAND D (0-175) - Your portfolio needs very urgent attention.

Both reports are hugely valuable to DIY investors, if you’re new to the site then we’d recommend trying our FundScore report first, to give you a taste of who we are, and indeed background behind our Dynamic Fund Ratings.



Smart MOT

Ratings of your funds

Dynamic Fund Ratings Explained

Current Fund Ideas

Risk Assessment


Portfolio Score

Personalised Portfolio Observations

Your Investment Plan


If you’re after more detailed analysis and insight around your portfolio then the
Smart MOT is definitely for you. Alternatively, if you are a current Gold Member of FundExpert, then please head to our dedicated Smart MOT site to get your report.


FundScore Smart MOT

Remember, to receive a Smart MOT report you’ll need to be a Gold Member of FundExpert. If you’re interested in giving Gold Membership a try, why not sign up here?