How picking only the right 8% of funds from mainstream
fund management groups can transform your investing
success – without paying adviser fees, and spending only
about 30 minutes on your research, twice a year


From: Brian Dennehy
Founder, FundExpert

Are you a DIY investor looking for superior returns from your ISA or SIPP investments?

Are you understandably wary of:

  • Taking daft risks?
  • Market shocks?
  • Nasty surprises from unproven – and even supposedly ‘proven!’ – investment managers?

Then I invite you to review ground breaking new research, 7 years in the making, with a startling conclusion:

92% of funds are mediocre at best.

Picking only the right 8% of funds from mainstream fund management groups can transform your investing success. For example, in our original research from 2014 we calculated that:

  • If you’d invested £100,000 in the average UK growth fund in 1994, it would have risen to £370,668 by 2014
  • BUT with this approach your £100,000 would have grown to £1,179,114
  • That’s a £808,446 extra – simply by choosing different funds within the same UK growth fund sector

This approach doesn't just apply to UK funds.

It has been proven to work even in spite of market shocks like the credit crunch in 2008-9, and the dotcom bubble bursting in 2000, and most of all…

Identifying the 8% is easy.

You can do it without a financial adviser, in about 30 minutes, twice a year.

Yes: these are bold claims! And I fully expect you to be sceptical about them.

I wouldn’t have believed them myself, and I have spent the last 30 years advising hundreds of private clients, and am regularly asked for comment in The Mail, Telegraph, Times, What Investment, the BBC, Investors Chronicle, the Financial Times and more.

It was through the in-house research we were doing on behalf of our clients that we made a startling discovery.

In 2005 I wanted to review the performance of the funds we had been recommending in our TopFunds Guide from the turn of the millennium.  

The results were reasonably good, but I felt that they could be better – so my colleagues and I set out on a journey to identify how we could make client portfolios perform even better.

What we discovered was that with a bit of tweaking to our processes… there were amazing results.

The BIG insight?

It was so straightforward! Which created a problem…

The results were SO good… and the approach SO simple… we began to doubt it ourselves.

We must have missed something. Done something stupid. Made a ‘fat finger’ error!

We beat up the numbers and explored many angles.

One of my colleagues told me we had over a million data points – THAT is in-depth research.

So it wasn’t until 7 years later that I felt happy enough to share it.  

We were right.  

And the results were special, and a very significant breakthrough for private investors.

We know the problem is NOT that there aren’t funds which do superbly well in any given period, because there are.

The problem is in identifying them consistently… and knowing when to sell.

Imagine if you had a process for doing that, and it took you about 30 minutes twice a year, and resulted in you getting spectacular returns.

If you had the ability to do that, what would it mean for you?

How about:

  • Earlier retirement?
  • Great holidays?
  • Buying property for children or grandchildren?
  • Helping with school or Uni fees?
  • The church roof?

Of course, there’s more to life than money, but it oils the wheels of life and creates significant opportunities.

It’s all possible when you become a FundExpert Gold Member.


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Gold Membership is designed for you to make extraordinary profits from ordinary investment funds…

And as soon as you join you’ll be able to apply our process to your own portfolio.

Yes: you’ll discover our methodology for picking only the right 8% of funds from mainstream fund management groups – the 8% which can transform your investing success – without paying adviser fees, and spending only about 30 minutes on your research, twice a year.

And what Gold Membership is all about is giving you that simple, proven process, to transform your investing success.

When you join, you’ll see exactly how to follow our research and apply it to your situation.

And you’ll get access to our Private Member-Only Tools.

The first is our “Rate my funds” tool.

With this you will be able to identify the quality of your funds, in seconds.

You will see a very clear view. Buy or sell or hold.

You will have a clear view of the weaknesses in your portfolio.

You will get rid of duds.

Your future method is absolutely clear.

You’ll also get our “Best Funds By Sector” tool.

Using this tool, and our approach, is exactly what this Gold member did:

Such a clear method for sorting the wheat from the chaff will save you considerable time.

No more need to chase the latest fund launch, or press recommendation, or glossy advertising story.

You will stay focused.

With these tools alone, you’ll be way ahead of the pack… but you may be asking:

“Yes, but how do I know when it’s time to sell?”

And that’s why you’re also going to get:

Stop Loss Alerts – vital in an uncertain world

This is difficult on your own.

Not because it is technically difficult.

But because, too often, life intervenes – and many people just feel uncomfortable selling.

We make sure you are paying attention.

How will your Stop Loss alerts work?

You can set stop-loss alerts for any fund that you monitor in your saved funds list.

When your stop-loss is breached we alert you via email, to get your attention, and ensure you check your funds.

But that’s not all you get when you become a Gold Member today…

Weekly research and blogs to your inbox

  • Every Friday
  • Latest research and blogs
  • Market analysis
  • Third party research
  • Updates on our model portfolios, in detail

You’ll also get exclusive access to our:

Monthly Gold Members-only Live Teleconference

Our monthly teleconferences are a big highlight for many Gold members. You can ask questions in advance, and we’ll deal with them on the call – your pressing issues dealt with. Plus:

  • What to do in case of market ups and downs
  • Graphical market update, highlight emerging opportunities…
  • Our latest unique research
  • Portfolio review (e.g. Gold Members)
  • Snippets from the research we receive every day

If you can’t ever make the live call, a recording is made available on the same day, so you don’t miss out.

Plus, we have a great archive of previous teleconferences, and we make it easy for you to track down subjects of particular interest to you.

Private Member Community

Investing can be lonely, as one Gold Member pointed out recently.

It’s our priority to ensure that our members don’t feel alone.

So we have created a private member community on Facebook just for Gold Members.

You can use the Facebook group on anything investment related, such as:

  • Your investing experiences
  • Share ideas
  • Interesting articles
  • Ask questions of other members

With all these benefits, your investing experience will transform, as it did for Gold Member Dave Parkinson:

“If it’s as easy as you say, why isn’t everyone – including the fund industry – already doing it?” you may ask…

That’s a great question – there are two answers:

1. Actually, a minority of them are, but you don’t generally hear about it. Many billions of pounds are quietly invested around the world using this technique, by large institutions and hedge funds.

2. It is not used in the wider fund industry because, frankly, the entire industry and the people who work in it are sustained by a cult of expertise. People who have spent entire careers studying this stuff don’t WANT to admit it could be so simple, so they don’t, despite the fact that the evidence is extensive across time, and the extra growth generated extraordinary.

My life’s work has been about helping investors make vastly better investment decisions – and this represents the pinnacle

With this knowledge, I could easily sit on a beach and apply this research to my own portfolio. (And from time to time, I do. Sit on a beach that is! I apply this research all the time.)

But my entire career, since 1987 when I set up Dennehy Weller, has been devoted to helping investors achieve fantastic outcomes. There’s no reason that would change now – this discovery just makes it easier.

How you can do it all without taking daft risks

We didn’t just study in depth how to identify the best funds to BUY – but when to sell, and even when to buy back in, for best results.

Our robust stop loss methodology means you should never stay in too long.

And in-depth research stretching back to the early 1990s shows over 90% probability of you consistently achieving these extraordinary growth levels by applying this process (1).

Apply the process to as much – or as little – of your portfolio as you like

By definition, this approach is about as low-maintenance as it gets. But perhaps you actually enjoy the research process?

We wouldn’t want to take that away from you, and indeed our Gold member teleconferences offer regular investment ideas should you want to indulge your ‘inner punter,’ and use some of your portfolio in a different way.

“Can I execute on your approach with my existing broker/ISA/SIPP provider?”

Almost certainly yes, because our process identifies mainstream funds available on almost all platforms.

To join is very simple:

Right now, it’s just £29.20 per month for everything – do it while you still can, before we increase the price to £49.99/month.


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Why so cheap, for a service that can do so much for you?

I’ve spent my entire professional working life trying to help private investors. I’m already successful. I do this because I want to help more, not because I need the money.

We set our charges at a level where there’s little excuse for anyone not to join and revolutionize their finances. But we also charge because a) we know people don’t take free advice seriously, and b) because we know it’s a damn good service, and it’s worth it!

Join now in complete confidence:

I am so confident you will benefit hugely that if you don’t think you are getting great value, you can cancel at any time – no quibbling, no hidden extras.

Join now and get instant access to all the member benefits:

Right now, it’s just £29.20 per month for everything – do it while you still can, before we increase the price to £49.99/month.


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Remember, here’s everything you’re getting:

1.    Private Tools
2.    Stop Loss Alerts
3.    Weekly research to your inbox
4.    Monthly private teleconference
5.    Private Members Community

The only remaining question is: can you afford NOT to do this?

You’ve already seen how one of our earliest pieces of research focused on UK growth funds, by far the most popular funds.

It covered the 20 years from 1994 to 2014, and here's what we uncovered. (For the avoidance of doubt this is all after charges.)

If you invested £100,000 in 1994 into the average UK growth fund, it became £370,668.  - which doesn't sound terrible, until you realise…

…you’d have missed out on an EXTRA £808,446, which you'd have achieved if you’d consistently applied our simple, proven, process for selecting funds.

So: can you afford not to at least give it a try?

To join is very simple:

Right now, it’s just £29.20 per month for everything – do it while you still can, before we increase the price to £49.99/month.


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Do it now, and I’ll see you on the other side in just a moment.

Brian Dennehy


What others say about Gold Membership

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Your research always casts much needed light on a complex area for decision making.S Lockerbie

The most important feature for me was your reputation. It is not easy to get people to trust you these days.P Rosevear

Love the teleconferences, good balance of pace, the stop loss tables, the Overnight Test, I feel I am learning something finally.S.B

(1) This is the chance of the performance of our momentum approach applied to the UK All Companies sector outperforming the sector average in 5-year monthly rolling periods starting in 1994.

Capital Risk: The value of funds and the income from them can fall as well as rise as a result of market or currency fluctuations, and you may not get back the amount originally invested.  Past performance is not a guide to future performance.  Please ensure that you read the Key Features and full product literature (on the pages after the applications) before choosing to make an investment. In particular, some funds might have special risks (such as the ability to defer withdrawals) and you should make yourself aware of these. All funds have the right to suspend dealings in extreme circumstances. 

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