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Act now to transform your investing potential, and avoid the 97% of underperforming funds

You can make extraordinary profits from ordinary funds. Not by taking daft risks, but by making vastly better choices.

Our experience and investment solutions stretch back to 1987, and in 2012 we launched FundExpert so investors just like you could begin to make those vastly better choices.

The 97% Problem

Sadly, the majority of investors, do not make these extraordinary profits. That is because 97% of funds are mediocre at best, and, unless you know how, spotting the winners is not easy.

This problem is very damaging, whether you are experienced or a novice; or whether you have £millions invested or a hard-earned ISA pot.

FundExpert are here to show you how to unlock your potential, and ensure you sidestep the mediocrity trap.

The Straightforward, Proven, Solution

If you invested £100,000 in 2000, by May 2023 it was worth:

  • £226,920 in an index tracking fund

or alternatively

  • £1,648,080 in our Dynamic UK Blended Portfolio*

That’s an EXTRA £1,421,160 just by making better fund choices! Put another way, that is over 7 times more money. Imagine that was a retirement fund – 7x more income! That is why it can transform the lives of investors, just like you.

Gold Membership Unlocks This Potential For You

Gold Membership of FundExpert gives you this ability to achieve these remarkable profits with our proven portfolios. To be clear, you apply these portfolios and fund choices on your existing fund platform – so using our portfolios and research is very straightforward.

There are many more benefits of being a Gold Member, as you will see below. Right now, here are those numbers again.

Bar Chart showing Dynamic UK Blended Portfolio outperforms Index tracking funds

Assuming £100,000 invested from May 2000 to May 2023. After fund charges and with income reinvested.

Get Off To A Flying Start

You can get off to a flying start with our ground-breaking Smart MOT report, which will rapidly get your portfolio in shape as soon as you become a Gold Member.

This 30-page in-depth report includes:

  • Clear ratings on all your funds, pinpointing those to sell…
  • … and highlighting how these powerful ratings work.
  • The “winning funds” today, in 3 key sectors.
  • The real risk of your portfolio.
  • PLUS our unique “Portfolio Score”, an instant and powerful view of your current selections.

This detailed analysis is at the heart of the bespoke services which we have been providing for the wealth management clients of our sister company, Dennehy Wealth, since 1987.

Through that route it would be at the centre of a report costing a minimum of £500 – but you get it FREE in your first month as a Gold Member of FundExpert.

Start right now with my SmartMOT

This 30-page report is the invaluable introduction to your Gold Membership of FundExpert, which we are giving away at just £29.20 per month. But there is much more, whether you are an experienced investor or relative novice:

Benefits of Gold Membership

  • Proven Portfolios
  • Exclusive Monthly Teleconference
  • Stop Loss Alerts
  • Unique Investor Tools
  • Weekly Research To Your Inbox
  • eBooks & Guides
  • Complimentary Welcome Call
  • Private Members Community

Of our unique tools, 'Rate my funds' is one of our most popular.

With this tool you can identify the quality of your funds in seconds.

You will see a very clear view. Buy, sell or hold.

You can easily identify your dud funds, and your future success comes much more clearly into focus.

You can also access our ‘Best Funds By Sector’ tool.

This simple but powerful tool helps you identify the best performing sectors, and which funds are leading the pack, the winners.

No need for you to carry on chasing the latest fund launch, or press recommendation, or glossy advertising story; this tool will save you a considerable amount of time and allow you to stay focussed.

With these two tools alone, you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

Cautious or aggressive?
Experienced or beginner?

Whatever category you fall into, you will unlock your potential – and we’ll be right by your side.

You saw one of our portfolios earlier – 7 times more growth than an index tracking fund!* For many investors, that sort of extra growth is life-changing.

That is just one of a range of fantastic Dynamic Portfolios we offer, each with proven records of outstanding success, and at least one to suit almost every discerning investor.

There are some which are ideal for beginners. Others provide fantastic templates for more experienced investors, alongside our other tools and the stop-loss facility.

In both cases, we offer a welcome call for all new Gold Members with one of our friendly support team, which will help point you in the right direction as soon as you become a Gold Member.

Investors told us to make it easier for them to exploit the huge potential which exists, and that is exactly what we have done.

Not ready for Gold Membership yet? No problem!

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  • Every Friday
  • Latest investment research
  • Market analysis
  • Third party research
  • Detailed updates on our Dynamic Portfolios

You’ll also get exclusive access to our:

Monthly Gold Members-only Live Teleconference

Our monthly teleconferences are a big hit with Gold Members. You can ask questions in advance, and we’ll deal with them on the call – your pressing issues dealt with. Plus:

  • What to do in case of market ups and downs
  • Graphical market update, highlighting emerging opportunities…
  • …and risks!
  • Our latest unique research
  • Personal Gold Member portfolio reviews
  • Analysis from daily research we receive from all over the globe

All of this is part of your Gold Membership.

P.S. If you don’t wish to continue with Gold Membership, you can cancel any time at no extra charge. We will also let you keep your Smart MOT with our compliments, plus any other research that you accessed during your membership with us.

"Results over extended periods speak for themselves. The website offers tools & resources suitable for any investor."

A. Jukes

"Could not recommend FundExpert more. Absolutely fantastic service and expert guidance!"

D. Payne

"If you want to do better with your SIPP, Pension or ISA this is a good place to start."

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"I haven’t come across any other resource like FundExpert for such useful, practical fund selection information."

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"Their unbiased commentary makes them the ideal “partner” for any DIY Investor who wants to confidently take control of their own investment decisions."

M. Varco

"I have been managing my investments for ten years with reasonable success. However I needed a wider knowledge to avoid the failures and identify the winners. In looking around I am so pleased to have found Fund Expert."

J. Smith

"Fund Expert educates and provides a timely non-partisan commentary on markets & funds. The resources facilitate making reasoned plans, choices and allow you decide your level of engagement."

R. Quincey

* This is our Dynamic UK Blended Portfolio versus Scottish Widows UK Tracker. Income reinvested. May 2000 to November 2022.

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