About Us

Our background

FundExpert.co.uk is an online initiative of Dennehy Weller & Co, independent financial advisers. Dennehy Weller & Co was originally established in 1987. Our considerable experience and wide-ranging independent research is reflected in our being one of the few advisers regularly asked to comment in the National Press, and on TV and Radio. This is also highly regarded by clients, as you can judge by the testimonials.

What is FundExpert.co.uk?

FundExpert.co.uk is primarily designed for investors that don’t want personalised advice, and provides:

  • A clear and unique process for identifying outstanding funds
  • A review process to ensure you stay in the best possible funds
  • No initial charges on funds
  • No switching charges
  • No hidden charges
  • No hidden incentives to us from fund managers

In particular, our Dynamic Fund Selection builds on the Dennehy Weller experience since 1987, and our hugely detailed back-testing of what works to ensure you are in the best possible funds most of the time.

At any time FundExpert.co.uk customers can take advantage of personalised advice from Dennehy Weller & Co, usually for an additional fee charge, agreed in advance.

How we get paid

For non advised, self directed clients who are happy to make their own decision using the research available on FundExpert, the ongoing charges for investments via FundExpert.co.uk are as follows: 

  • an annual management charge payable to the Fund Manager. This will usually be in the region of 0.6% - 0.75%, the fund fact sheet will show these.
  • 0.25% platform fee taken by FundsNetwork. Fidelity Fundsnetwork administers all investments made via FundExpert.co.uk
  • 0.5% service fee payable to FundExpert.co.uk

There are no hidden charges, initial charges for purchasing funds or switch charges.

FundExpert.co.uk is an online initiative of Dennehy Weller & Co.Registered address: 3 High Street, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 5AB