Build Your Own Portfolio

This short guide will show you how to use the tools on FundExpert to build your own portfolio.
We show a number of different portfolios in the Dynamic Portfolio Library but you might prefer a different review cycle to ours, or you might want a different review period (say 3-months).  If so, it is straightforward to create your own portfolio using the Best Funds tools.
There are a number of options under the Best Funds menu, which are as follows:
  • Best Funds by Sector: sector-by-sector tables showing the top-rated funds in each sector plus a breakdown of all the funds in the sector.
  • Best Growth Funds: the best funds from the main stock market sectors around the world
  • Best Income Funds: annually updated list of the best funds for Income
  • Best Funds by Risk: the top funds in different risk categories: low, medium and high.
At your preferred review point, use these tools to select the top-rated funds in your chosen sectors or risk buckets. 
For instance, if you’re following the Dynamic UK Blended Portfolio you would use the Best Funds by Sector tool to pick the top three funds from across the UK All Companies, UK Equity Income and UK Smaller Companies sectors.
Remember, our research and ratings are based on using the last 6-months of data to select funds but you can review at any point you choose to.
See below for screenshots guiding you through selecting the funds in Best Funds by Sector.  
First go to Best Funds by Sector under the Best Funds menu:
You then arrive on that page and click on the drop-down box, which will look like the below.  Click on the sector that you’re looking for.  In this example we’re looking at "UK All Companies", so that is highlighted in the image.  Then click on "Show funds":
The next screen looks like this.  It shows the three top-rated funds in the sector you’ve chosen as of the most recent fund update.
(Note that these top 3 funds are fixed at the beginning of the month. The 6-month performance number which is shown changes daily)
If you have any questions on the process don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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