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10 Most Read Stories of 2017

Posted by: Brian Dennehy
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The Neil Woodford funds saga has replaced Brexit as the most popular subject in 2017, with three of the Top 10 slots.  At a personal level I hope Neil enjoys a better 2018.  But I also hope investors get a tighter grip on how they choose funds.
This result tells us that a huge volume of investors still don’t know how to judge a fund worth buying.  If you had a good reason, and a clear reason, to buy a fund in the first place it follows that you will know when to sell – you sell when that good reason no longer applies.  An excellent marketing story built around hero worship is NOT a good reason to buy a fund! (P.S. For the avoidance of doubt, Neil is a delightful guy and hugely successful.  But he doesn’t need your charity!)
Good to see more people paying attention to income, with two blogs featured.  There is an inevitably growing demand for outstanding income fund research as the baby boomers hit their 60s.
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