A Reading List For Little Ones

Fri 09 Dec 2022

By Tara Dennehy

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moneyI was surprised, or maybe I wasn’t, at the lack of books that cover the basics of money – and I really do mean the basics. I wasn’t looking for anything that delved into investing, nothing complex, just the fundamentals of money and something that could potentially shape kids attitudes towards money. The psychological element of investing is one that Brian covers regularly, which got me thinking, how can we change the way people view money, surely it starts at a young age?

I have sought a range of books that cover a range of age groups, so there really is something for everyone. For those kids who need a bit more convincing to read, there’s also a couple of fiction suggestions which deliver more subtle messages.

There may even be a book or two below that makes its way into a Christmas stocking, as nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a book on finance.


Save it!

Suggested reading age: 2-6 years

I wish there were more books like this. It comes as a set of three along with “Earn It” and “Spend It” and they all deliver valuable messages to young kids. It’s engaging, easy to read, and educational. It’s also the best rated/reviewed book out of the list I have produced.


Billionaire Boy

Suggested reading age: 7-10 years

David Walliams took children’s literature by storm and has been credited for his humour and wit whilst also getting across important life lessons.

Billionaire Boy does just this. If you’re looking for a fictional book that delivers a subtle message about how to treat money, then this book could be a good one for friends and relatives. There’s also the added bonus that this is quite an entertaining read for adults too!


Investing for Kids: How to Save, Invest and Grow Money

Suggested reading age: 8-12 years (although personally I think for much older)

This book really breaks down the basics of money, but also of investing. It addresses the most obvious questions such as “where does money come from?”, and later goes on to explain how you can grow your money.

Personally, and I noticed some reviews agreed, I think this book is far beyond an 8-year-old and can be read by people much older than 12, I know of a few people who would find this useful – and they’re in their 60s!



Suggested reading age: 9-11 years

Perhaps the most appropriate book in the list for those kids who need a bit more convincing to pick books up – and for those who like to read something with a bit more action.

‘Millions’ brings together the scandal of a train robbery alongside the dilemma of how two young boys would spend bags of money before it becomes worthless the next day.


What Is Money?: Personal Finance for Kids

Suggested reading age: 3-6 years

Another one with great reviews, including this one - "the first time we read the book, it intrigued a 30 min conversation about selling cookies and how to make money/save money afterwards." Encouraging these types of conversations with your kids is the best part of reading these books, because hopefully it will generate ideas and allow them to think more creatively about money, hopefully encouraging a positive relationship with money as they grow older.




Generating growth


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