What’s Hot, What’s Not: [Sector Edition]

Fri 01 Mar 2024

By Brian Dennehy

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What's Hot What's Not


What's Hot

What’s Hot

  • The fact that China is top shows that there was a broadly-based bounce triggered by the latest encouragement from their government and central bank.
  • The growth within the tech sector was much more varied – if you overweighted Nvidia the growth was most certainly above the sector average.
  • This was also the case within the two North American sectors, where the top funds were driven by heady tech weightings.
  • Emerging market funds were driven by China, the (re)emerging giant.


What’s Not

  • Property Other invests into quoted property companies across the UK and Europe, and was subdued as hopes for early rate cuts were dashed.
  • It was similar with the gilt and global bond sectors.
  • UK small caps have the same problem, plus they simply cannot capture the imagination of investors… not yet.


What’s Hot


Last Month's Performance %

China/Greater China


Technology & Technology Innovation


North America


North American Smaller Companies


Global Emerging Markets



What’s Not


Last Month's Performance %

Property Other                                  


UK Index Linked Gilts


UK Gilts


UK Smaller Companies


Global Bonds




What's Hot What's Not


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