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Fri 05 Jan 2024

By Brian Dennehy

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quoteAfter careful consideration, the whole of the FundExpert site, and all of its research and unique tools, are available free of charge. In the weeks and months to come we will highlight how you can maximise the potential of FundExpert. For now, do explore the site with the compliments of myself and the FundExpert and Dennehy Wealth teams.

There are six of our Dynamic Portfolios updated this month, ranging from our two Bonkers Portfolios to one focused on much more sober UK growth funds.

The Bonkers Portfolios should be regarded more as a bit of fun. But they do highlight the massive potential for selecting funds using “momentum” e.g. 14,906% growth since launch in 1995, which is nearly 14x the return from the index. There is no better way of illustrating that you should avoid those who solely promote index trackers, who I call The Guardians Of Mediocrity.

As you will see, the UK growth portfolio is up 3.6x the index since 1994, after charges and with income reinvested.

I could go on, but have a look at the updated Dynamic Portfolios yourself, which this month also include Asia and commodity portfolios. The Asian portfolio is made up of both unit trusts and investment trusts – we have no preference, we just want the fund which has the greatest momentum.

Also new is the latest What’s Hot? What’s Not? feature. As you will see, it is a little different to our usual format, and clearly tells the story of the robust market recovery late in 2023. Commercial property funds were big winners – will this persist? China was a dog, but should it be ignored in your portfolio?

In the version focused on hot sectors, it is notable that smaller company funds around the globe enjoyed a decent bounce. This was based on the hope of rate cuts very soon. However, there is marked vulnerability if the inflation trend turns around and up again, and hopes for rate cuts are dashed.

For now, that is all from me. Lots of raw material for you. There will be much more to come in 2024.


Market commentary


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