Analysing the Telegraph’s “Income 10”

Fri 26 Aug 2022

Ruairi Dennehy

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Generating income

It’s important to note that different approaches are required when selecting funds for growth and for income. Our Dynamic and Vintage Fund Ratings are designed for growth investors, while our Income Tool is designed for income investors.

This week we came across an article from the Telegraph highlighting their top 10 Income funds to fund one’s retirement, or as they coin it “The Income 10”. How do these 10 funds (and investment trusts) stack up in our Income Tool, and what criteria are the Telegraph using to select their “Income 10”?

As you can see in the table below, there are some pretty well established names.  Even so, it is important that we take these “best fund lists” with a pinch of salt, however well-intentioned.  They are not designed as a portfolio, but rather a one-stop cheat sheet for readers (and of course good SEO for the website!), and their limitations should be understood.

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