[Sector Edition] What’s Hot? China Hot, Americas Not

Fri 02 Dec 2022

By James Newstead

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What's Hot What's Not


hot notWhat's Hot

  • China is King this month, up 14.09% thanks to a thawing in China-US relations, and a cautious turn towards a more pragmatic Covid policy, with a potential end to lockdowns in sight
  • The policy changes above have helped to restore long-waning consumer and investor sentiment, with China’s highly cyclical Consumer Discretionary Sector, filled with heavyweights like Alibaba and Tencent, blazing a trail off the back of it
  • Elsewhere, European stocks have seen a small uptick once again, up 6.46% thanks largely to a 7%+ increase in the Euro against the Dollar, as the dollar has slid against a broad basket of major currencies, and with Fed rate hikes expected to slow off the back of Fed comments to such an effect

What’s Not

  • Elsewhere Latin America has struggled, down 8.92% after a brilliant month previously, thanks to a broad-based decline in key commodity prices like oil and gas, soybeans and lumber, and a swift end to Brazil’s dramatic rate hike cycle (with interest rates up from 2% to 13.75% in sub two years, but now levelling out)
  • UK Direct Property has also suffered this month, down 2.36% thanks to rising interest rates hitting 3% and increasing borrowing costs after the most recent BoE meeting, with no immediate end in sight as UK inflation continues to hit new highs, most recently 11.1%, while the Euro Area and US have seen their inflation rates marginally fall


What’s Hot


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IA Asia Pacific Excluding Japan


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What’s Not


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IA Financials and Financial Innovation


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What's Hot What's Not


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