[Sector Edition] What’s Hot, What’s Not: China Hot, Commodities Not.

Fri 01 Jul 2022

By Ruairi Dennehy

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What's Hot What's Not


What's Hot, What's NotJune’s top and bottom performing sectors almost perfectly mirror the best and worst funds throughout the month, which you can read here

What’s Hot

  • China had by far the best June out of any sector, up on average by 10.75%. Though over the past 12 months is still down over 17%
  • The closest sector, but still pretty far away from China’s performance, was the Healthcare sector, ended June up 2.35%
  • Three lower risk sectors make up the final spots, highlighting the continuing struggle of most mainstream stock markets around the world

What’s Not

  • In a similar tale to our funds edition, commodity-focussed sectors struggled in June, both the Latin America and Commodity/Natural Resources sectors taking the worst two spots (down 13.21% and 10.55% respectively)
  • Despite retail gas prices reaching record highs in the US earlier in June, supply fears have softened, causing overall prices to start falling and thus many oil-heavy funds seeing falling values
  • The UK Smaller Companies sector continues to struggle, down 8.48% in June and now down nearly 24% year to date


What’s Hot


Last Month Performance %

IA China/Greater China


IA Healthcare


IA USD Government Bond


IA UK Direct Property


IA USD Corporate Bond



What’s Not


Last Month Performance %

IA Latin America


IA Commodity/Natural Resources


IA European Smaller Companies


IA UK Index Linked Gilts


IA UK Smaller Companies


Performance 01/06/2022 – 30/06/2022.



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What's Hot What's Not


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