[Sector Edition] What’s Hot, What’s Not: Commodities Hot, US Not

Fri 29 Jul 2022

By Ruairi Dennehy

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What's Hot What's Not


hot not(Fund Edition)

What’s Hot

  • Some of the most volatile sectors year-to-date make up the hot sectors this month, with Technology leading the pack, up 6.20%
  • Smaller companies, from both sides of the Pacific, take up 2nd and 3rd spots below. These fast-moving sectors have both had bumpy rides so far in 2022
  • India takes the final spot, up 5.23% for the month.  Despite an attempted rally, the Rupee is still at an all-time low vs the USD

What’s Not

  • Unsurprisingly the worst sector is China, down 5.87%...
  • …8 Chinese equity funds make up the bottom 10 of our Fund Edition
  • Index linked gilts continue to struggle, we went into greater detail here on why these funds struggle despite growing inflationary pressures
  • A mix of global bonds, including emerging market and European bonds also had a tough month. On July 1st Bloomberg wrote “after a bruising first half of record shattering losses, European bond market investors broadly agree that the worst may be over.” Hmmm…


What’s Hot


July Performance %

IA Technology and Technology Innovations


IA North American Smaller Companies


IA Japanese Smaller Companies


IA Financials and Financial Innovation


IA India/Indian Subcontinent



What’s Not


July Performance %

IA China/Greater China


IA UK Index Linked Gilts


IA Global EM Bonds Local Currency


IA EUR Government Bond


IA Global EM Bonds Blended


Performance 01/07/2022 – 29/07/2022.



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What's Hot What's Not


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