Trigger's Tip: Fill yer boots with gold (again)

Fri 9 Dec 2016

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Market commentary

My two-legged colleagues were renowned (infamous in some quarters) for damning gold and gold investors for the 5 years or so before 2015. About this time last year I intervened. By Summer 2016 you could have made a handsome 150% profit (there or thereabouts) from my fund recommendation. Guess what? A similar opportunity appears to be in place right now. To my simple canine brain the best signal for tops and bottoms in gold is sentiment – in a mo I’ll come on to how you measure that. Any other bases for trying to identify opportunities in gold seem to be hogwash. We are told gold is “simply the best insurance against inflation or deflation”. Let’s look at that nonsense in a second. But sentiment? Well that suggests another buying opportunity to buy gold, to help pay-off your bulging credit card bills in 2017. How do you value gold?

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