What’s Hot, What’s Not: Commodities Hot, US Not

Fri 29 Jul 2022

By Ruairi Dennehy

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What's Hot What's Not


July’s top and bottom performing sectors almost perfectly mirror the best and worst funds throughout the month. The tech and innovation focussed sectors dominate the top spots, while China and a mix of global bonds had a tough July.

hot not(Fund Edition)

What’s Hot

  • Some of the most volatile sectors year-to-date make up the hot sectors this month, with Technology leading the pack, up 6.20%
  • Smaller companies, from both sides of the Pacific, take up 2nd and 3rd spots below. These fast-moving sectors have both had bumpy rides so far in 2022
  • India takes the final spot, up 5.23% for the month.  Despite an attempted rally, the Rupee is still at an all-time low vs the USD

What’s Not

  • Unsurprisingly the worst sector is China, down 5.87%...
  • …8 Chinese equity funds make up the bottom 10 of our Fund Edition
  • Index linked gilts continue to struggle, we went into greater detail here on why these funds struggle despite growing inflationary pressures
  • A mix of global bonds, including emerging market and European bonds also had a tough month. On July 1st Bloomberg wrote “after a bruising first half of record shattering losses, European bond market investors broadly agree that the worst may be over.” Hmmm…


What’s Hot


July Performance %

IA Technology and Technology Innovations


IA North American Smaller Companies


IA Japanese Smaller Companies


IA Financials and Financial Innovation


IA India/Indian Subcontinent



What’s Not


July Performance %

IA China/Greater China


IA UK Index Linked Gilts


IA Global EM Bonds Local Currency


IA EUR Government Bond


IA Global EM Bonds Blended


Performance 01/07/2022 – 29/07/2022.



We do this blog to simply highlight short term trends. These are not recommendations.


What's Hot What's Not


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