What’s Hot? What’s Not? Tech trending up, Gold and property falling

Fri 02 Mar 2018

By Sam Lees

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What's Hot What's Not


Technology and North America are the big winners for the month of February. Gold and property prop up the rest of the funds. Japan sits in both camps, again showing the importance of fund selection as part of your investing plan. All in all, a bit of a turnaround from the end of 2017.

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What’s Hot?

  • Absolute return funds made up most of the bottom list at the end of 2017.  Now, one fund hits the top spot for this month.  Again, many of targeted absolute return funds take more risk than investors might expect.  This doesn’t mean they are bad funds but buyer must beware.
  • Technology companies have done well of late and three funds feature in the top table…
  • …along with an American fund with big weightings to tech.
  • One Russia fund is back, along with an emerging Europe fund that also has nearly 13% in Russia.
  • Both UK and US Smaller Companies make an appearance, with one fund apiece…
  • …while Japan makes up the rest of the top table.  The latter is interesting because there is also a Japan fund in the Not Hot table, showing how important fund selection is to investors.

What’s Not?

  • Commodities bounced at the end of 2017.  Now, three gold funds feature in the bottom table.
  • Property shares funds were topping tables at the end of 2017.  Now, four funds feature in the Not Hot table (remember that these are equities, rather than bricks-and-mortar).
  • A Japan fund also makes it into the bottom table, along with one European and a UK fund.



What's Hot

Name Sector Last Month Performance
City Financial Absolute Equity   Targeted Absolute Return 5.8
Baillie Gifford American  North America 4.85
AXA Framlington Global Technology   Technology & Telecommunications 4.68
L&G Global Technology Index Trust   Technology & Telecommunications 4.01
Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East and Africa   Specialist 3.94
Neptune Russia & Greater Russia   Specialist 3.53
Legg Mason IF Japan Equity   Japan 3.06
JPM US Smaller Companies   North American Smaller Companies 2.77
TM Cavendish AIM  UK Smaller Companies 2.76
Janus Henderson Global Technology   Technology & Telecommunications 2.55

What's Not

Name Sector Last Month Performance
BlackRock Gold & General   Specialist -7.78
Old Mutual Blackrock Gold & General   Specialist -7.68
Neptune Japan Opportunities   Japan -6.39
Investec Global Gold   Specialist -5.23
Aberdeen Property Share  Property -5.09
Standard Life Investments Global REIT   Property -5.08
Aberdeen European Property Share   Property -5.04
Premier Pan European Property Share  Property -4.93
Neptune European Opportunities   Europe Excluding UK -4.49
Baillie Gifford UK Equity Alpha   UK All Companies -4.44


What's Hot What's Not


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