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Brian’s approach and FundExpert research

Posted by: Ruairi Dennehy
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It is important to distinguish between Brian’s approach, which he lays out in teleconferences to give an example of how an investment approach evolves, and the general research that we provide on FundExpert.
We publish guidance and research across hundreds of funds, and across many sectors. We do this to give all investors as much useful information as possible from which to build their own investing plans.
FundExpert is primarily an information and research sharing site, where we hope to help educate and improve the investor experience for all of our members.
This research is separate from the actions Brian takes and information he shares concerning his personal investment decisions. The reason Brian shares his personal decisions is to give members an insight into where he sees opportunities, and the investments he deems as suitable for his risk appetite, investment amount and personal situation.
There is a wide spectrum of risk appetites and investing experience across our Gold Member community, so the final decision of what to invest in lies with each individual member.
Brian has often laid this out in teleconferences where we consider investment opportunities. 
For instance, do have a look back at these teleconferences for examples:
If you have any questions on what FundExpert can and can’t do then do always get in touch at
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