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What’s Hot, What’s Not: Global Tech Hot, Metals and South America Not

Posted by: Ruairi Dennehy
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An eclectic mix of funds make up the top 10, whilst precious metals and South America take a slide.
What’s Hot  
  • The top fund is surprisingly a UK All Companies fund, the Marlborough Multi-Cap Growth fund, up 7.85%
  • Global equities dominate the top performers, with a specialist bias
  • A stark contrast to July’s ‘low risk’ dominated table
  • All new entrants from July’s table, which was dominated by the UK Gilts
  • Two of the big biotech players make an appearance; AXA fund up 7.63% and Polar Capital up 7.32%
What’s Not
  • The dominance by funds in the Specialist sector across both tables highlight why our Dynamic Ratings must be taken with a pinch of salt for this sector
  • Chinese funds, hit by July’s regulatory changes, have recovered to escape the What’s Not table
  • All funds are either heavily invested in precious metals or South America
  • All of the bottom six funds have a precious metals focus, with Jupiter Gold and Silver having the worst month – down 7.48%
What’s Hot
Last Month Performance %
Marlborough Multi-Cap Growth
IA UK All Companies
AXA Framlington Biotech
IA Specialist
Baillie Gifford Positive Change
IA Global
Polar Capital Biotechnology
IA Specialist
SVS Aubrey Global Conviction
IA Global
JGF-Jupiter Financial Innovation
IA Specialist
Jupiter Global Financial Innovation
IA Specialist
SJP Emerging Markets Equity
IA Unclassified
FSSA Japan Focus
IA Japan
Polar Capital Global Insurance
IA Specialist
What’s Not
Last Month Performance %
JGF-Jupiter Gold And Silver
IA Specialist
Ninety One Global Gold
IA Specialist
Quilter Investors Precious Metals Equity
IA Specialist
BlackRock Gold & General
IA Specialist
BlackRock GF World Mining
IA Specialist
LF Ruffer Gold
IA Specialist
HSBC GIF Brazil Equity
IA Specialist
ASI Latin American Equity
IA Specialist
JPM Natural Resources
IA Specialist
JPM Brazil Equity
IA Specialist
Fund performance 30/07/2021 – 27/08/2021. Funds <50m in size and ETF’s excluded from the above research.
Topic: Fund analysis


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