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What’s Hot, What’s Not: Property dominates, India and Tech dive

Posted by: Brian Dennehy
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This month’s analysis features Japan funds in both the top and bottom funds over the last month, and Jupiter India is the worst fund of the last month.  

A very unusual feature is the dominance of property shares funds in the Hot list, taking four of the top 10 slots.  Action around big shopping centre landlord Hammerson has galvanised the sector, despite the gloom surrounding High Street retailers.

Otherwise Hot funds are not giving any particularly strong signal, with an eclectic mix of UK equity and bond funds, plus the token absolute return fund from Natixis.

The Not Hot list is dominated by tech funds and the tech-rich US stock market funds, being six out of the bottom 10 funds.

Is this an isolated tumble in tech, or an early sign of the whole US market rolling over?  We will probably know by this time next month.

Jupiter India holds up the table.  Is this a Hidden Value opportunity? Do look at last week's blog following a recent field trip.



Table 1: What's Hot

Name Sector Last Month Performance
Aberdeen Property Share  Property 4.09
Premier Pan European Property Share   Property 3.95
Vanguard UK Long Duration Gilt Index  UK Gilts 3.42
Legg Mason IF Japan Equity  Japan 2.81
Aberdeen European Property Share   Property 2.67
Standard Life Investments Global REIT  Property 2.23
AXA Sterling Index Linked Bond   UK Index Linked Gilts 1.94
F&C UK Alpha  UK All Companies 1.85
Aberdeen UK Smaller Companies Equity  UK Smaller Companies 1.74
Natixis H2O MultiReturns  Targeted Absolute Return 1.52

Table 2: What's Not

Name Sector Last Month Performance
Jupiter India   Specialist -7.68
Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth Investment   Global -7.4
M&G Japan   Japan -7.15
Jupiter North American Income   North America -6.98
Janus Henderson Global Technology   Technology & Telecommunications -6.96
Threadneedle American Select  North America -6.76
Threadneedle American   North America -6.69
JPM Global Unconstrained Equity   Global -6.65
T. Rowe Price Global Technology Equity   Technology & Telecommunications -6.54
AXA Framlington Global Technology  Technology & Telecommunications -6.48
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  • Comment by: 06.04.2018 @ 20:06:29PM

    Table 1 above goes from the most positive performer to the least positive performer but Table 2 does the opposite going from the most negative to the least negative. To be consistent, Table 2 should go from the least negative to the most negative. That way both tables will get progressively worse when reading down from top to bottom.

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